View of downtown

View of Downtown from Albert Park

About 12CSI


The Twelve Communities (District 4 of Calgary Police Services) are vibrant, inclusive and free of crime.


12CSI is a local crime prevention collaborative that will foster community action on the issue of crime prevention by providing support, facilitation and advocacy, thereby creating safer neighbourhoods for all who live, work and volunteer in the Twelve Communities.


12CSI, through the Planning Council, its Action Committees or its Task Teams, believes …

  • •Community members have the right to feel safe in their community,
    •Every member of our diverse community has the right to be treated with dignity and respect
    •A community working together is essential for crime prevention.

12CSI will aim for …

  • •An enhanced feeling of community pride and a greater involvement of residents,
    •More involvement by children and youth which will lead to a reduction in youth crime,
    •A greater understanding of our diverse community and a greater involvement from our diverse community to help eliminate hate crimes and build inclusion and
    •A sustainable and effective organization,
    •To raise community expectation and standards of the resident in the 12 communities.
Strategic Directions

1212CSI will use …

  • •Community Education, to increase the knowledge and awareness of services, programs and resources to local individuals and groups.
  • •Community Engagement, to increase the involvement of people in the local crime prevention programs and strategies.
  • •Community Energy, to harness the local resources to improve cooperation, coordination and collaboration.
  • •Community Evaluation, to keep the focus on the issue of crime prevention and ensure its longevity.